November Wrap Up

Hello everyone!

This month’s wrap-up is going to be a rather short one. I only finished one book in total since uni work piled up (and is unfortunately continues to pile up), but I somehow still managed to start like three other books — as well as decided to DNF a book —so I hope to read them soon.

#1 The Witches of New York by Amy McKay

Let’s start off with the one book I actually finished. Surprisingly, this one is also the reason I didn’t read anything else. I loved it a lot, the world building around 1890s New York was wonderful and the characters were well rounded and relatable. It just took me an awful long time to finish it and while I enjoyed reading The Witches of New York, I also wanted to start all the other books I had lying around.

#2 In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brannon

In Other Lands was a buddy read with a friend of mine. I got accepted for an eArc, but something went wrong during the download so I ended up getting only quite a long excerpt. I’m glad, I didn’t have to actively decide if i want to dnf it this way. Elliot, the main character annoyed me so much with his whining and his beheavior, always complaining and stating how weird he is — imagine that famous Riverdale gif with Jughead, that’s practically Elliot. Another thing that irked me a lot was the portrayal of the elfs: While I’m all for female empowerment, I’m not really sure showing strong women in a reversed sexism manner is really all that helpful. All in all I can just say that what could have been a great fantasy novel became an irritable story with weird character development and plot decisions I couldn’t really agree with. Sadly, I didn’t even get to the part with the mermaids, since they were my main motivation to keep on reading.


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