Passing Time

Image credit & copyright: Tracy Lee.

The Milky Way galaxy; our home star city. If we were to personify this mass of a couple hundred billion stars, it must seem to it that human lives pass in an instant.  When the first animals ventured out of the oceans and onto land some 500 million years ago; it was there.  When the dinosaurs met their end roughly 65 million years ago; it was there.  When our ancestors first looked up into the night, our window to the universe; it was there, seemingly looking back. And it’s likely that the Milky Way will endure long after we and our star system have been extinguished.

You are the universe; scattered and asleep for 13.8 billion years, you’ve been given temporary consciousness with which you have the ability to experience yourself. Look up; see future civilizations in still burning stars.  Look down; feel your past through the Earth beneath your feet.  Know that you have an unknown, yet finite amount of time left to realize what you are before the universe returns you to sleep once again.

Its images like this one captured by Tracy that detail the passage of time beautifully. Did someone live here in this now abandoned location?  If so, did they take an occasional moment to look up into the night and view the same Milky Way that we do today?  That same Milky Way that’s been here through it all.

I hope you all love this image and be sure to check more of Tracy’s incredible work in the links below.






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