Review: Disaster Status by Candace Calvert

Genre: Christian, medical drama

Format: ebook

This is book two in the Mercy Hospital series by Candace Calvert. Even though it’s a companion, I won’t include the summary just in case it spoils anyone for the last book.

This book follows the side character Erin Quinn from the first book. While working she meets a firefighter by the name of Scott McKenna. Slight chaos ensues, with a mutual initial “hatred” but at the same time daydreaming about the other, much like the last book.

Actually, this book literally follows the same format of the last book. And while I kind of enjoyed it, and there were some slight differences, I’ve read this book before, last week actually, about characters named Claire and Logan, not Erin and Scott. Even down to a side plot to make things just dramatic enough about one of the other hospital staff members.

I don’t really know what else to say about this book, other than that I’ve read it before. And because of the fact that I’ve read it before, it didn’t hold my attention as much this time. Also, the characters were insufferable. Erin was written as if she didn’t have flaws, except that she held grudges for life. And we didn’t really get to know Scott all that well. Which was disappointing, because we got to know Logan a bit in the last book, but Scott was ignored.

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