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Mellan Sommarens Längtan Och Vinterns Köld (2000)

by Leif G.W. Persson(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 4
9164200728 (ISBN13: 9789164200723)
Fall of the Welfare State
review 1: I chucked it in on page 202. If a story doesn´t interest you after 200 pages I feel it´s ok to do this. Too detective and no sign of mystery, perhaps that´s what bored me the most. I expect something different probably. I don´t like just detective stories. With this book I made a mistake obviously. But another thing which was a little annoying were the names. Too much similar norman names. It made me feel uncertain during reading.
review 2: An excellent mystery novel about an unsolved crime, the assassination of the Swedish Prime Minister in 1986. The novel narrates the events as they might have been before the assassination, focusing on the death of an American journalist who seemingly committed suicide in Stockholm while writing about Sweden’s involvem
... moreent with the CIA (or OSS) before and after WWII and about who was or might have been a spy for the US and/or the USSR. One detective, however, isn’t satisfied with the explanation, no matter how much the evidence supports that hypothesis, and starts picking at threads to see if he can find one which unravels. The novel concerns itself with Lars Johannson’s investigation and with the incompetence and corruption of the Swedish police forces and the vanity of their leaders. Much is revealed to the reader, but the crime happens late in the novel, is provided with a satisfying assassin within the fictional context, and ends with the arrest of an alleged assassin, who the reader knows is merely a show of vanity by the Swedish police forces. The book ends without solution and with many things unresolved, just as a satisfying mystery novel should. less
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The best part was the title. Couldnt finish it.
Having trouble staying with this.
I really enjoyed this book.
Very disappointed.
An excellent book
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