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Sag Harbor (2009)

by Colson Whitehead(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 5
0385527659 (ISBN13: 9780385527651)
review 1: This was a pleasant enough book; a slice of life look at the summer of a group of adolescent boys in Sag Harbor NY circa 1985. I was left with the feeling of wanting more. The author more than hints at family discord between the parents, and an older sister who appears to be engaging in an interracial relationship her parents would not approve of. None of these situations ever come to fruition. The summer comes to an end and so does the book.
review 2: What I really liked about this book was the the description of the place, the era, etc.. that really put you there, in Sag Harbor. I really liked when the narrator took a step back and spoke to me. That was clever. What disappointed me was how the plot went nowhere, how there were no developed female characters
... more, how I wished to know more about the parents, how the ending was a let down. I am going to read The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead next because his writing really did intrigue me. I hope to like it better than this book. less
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Meandering, slow plot and slight unevenness in tone.
This book stirs up such sense of nostalgia...
The plot was more on the uneventful side. Meh
ugh. book club. could not get into
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