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The Golden Mean (2009)

by Annabel Lyon(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 4
0307356205 (ISBN13: 9780307356208)
Random House Canada
review 1: Narrada en la voz de Aristóteles, esta novela dibuja unos personajes muy humanos: un Alejandro que compensa su inseguridad con impulsos, un Aristóteles un poco pusilánime, Olimpia bastante más loca y así. No es que me disgusten o los crea inverosímiles, pero tengo como preferido el Alejandro de Manfredi y un concepto de genio de Aristóteles que carece de debilidades humanas, no puedo evitarlo. Muy enfocado en la vida del narrador, desmitifica un poco el arquetipo de sabio pensador que yo tenía, narra a retazos su infancia y hasta un pequeño fragmento de su encuentro con Platón, para mezclarse con la vida del sabio desde su llegada a Pellas hasta cuando Alejandro se corona rey. Su tono iconoclasta puede chocar a más de alguno, pero seguro resultará interesante p... moreara los amantes de la novela histórica más realista.
review 2: This is unlike any historical novel I can recall. It is the story of Aristotle, and his service as tutor to the young Macedonian prince Alexander, but it is told as a private, personal narrative, rather than a sweeping epic. We do not receive long discourses on Logic. Aristotle accompanies Philip of Macedonia on his final military campaign, but he observes the intimate details of patients in the medical tent and expresses worries about Alexander's transmogrification on the battlefield. Ms. Lyon provides details about domestic life for the tiny "middle class" in ancient Macedonia and Greece, and the great conflicts of the day are depicted through their impacts on individuals' and families' riven loyalties. I usually resist using labels like "woman's novel," but Ms. Lyon has taken a quintessentially "masculine" topic, and given it an archetypally "feminine" treatment. That does not mean that men won't enjoy the book: my husband, who is far better versed in Classics than I am, did. less
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Wonderful historical fiction. Equal to if not better than Mary Renault.
it was wonderfulexcept too much profanity.
Loved this book enough to read it twice.
Unbelievably good.
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