Review: Second Star to the Right by Mary Alice Monroe

This book is pure magic! Have you ever wished your favorite fairy tales were true? Imagine one of the characters is your neighbor and you can talk to him anytime you want!

Fey and her children Maddy and Tom running away from their past and finding a shelter in a beautiful Victorian house.  The house belongs to Wendy, rumored to be the same Wendy once was friends with the famous Peter Pan.

With her new life, new job, new house and new friends, Fey is trying to let go of ghosts of the past, learn to trust people again and believe in herself. Moreover, her little boy is not speaking after that horrible night that changed everything for them. With the help of their new neighbors, handsome and kind scientist Jack and adorable old lady Wendy, Fey and her children retrieve their joy, trust, and faith. While Maddy and Tom have adapted to their new life, mostly thanks to Wendy and her adventurous stories and cozy tea parties, Fey has yet a lot to learn about herself. She needs to find her strength to prove herself and stand up for herself at work, she has to trust the man who showed her nothing but kindness and cared for her children more than their own father ever did and most of all she must let herself believe in what seems impossible.

A large house, which was saturated with love and magic, gathered under its roof lonely hearts, giving them the opportunity to feel the taste of real life. In the evenings, when everyone came home from work, Wendy told the young listeners, among whom Jack and Fey, the amazing stories of her trip to Neverland – about Peter Pan, the fairies, Captain Hook and the lost boys. The amazing charm of the children’s room, where the elderly storyteller lived, had an unusual atmosphere, where anyone can believe in anything.

This is such a kind, happy and inspiring novel. When all you need is a bit of pixie dust to light up your day!

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Rating: 5/5




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