Review: The Recruit (Book Four)


A new weapon brings hope in the war against the vampire uprising. But this new weapon also creates discord among the recruits. As doubts rise and friendships are tested, Hannah must find a way to restore harmony.

As the true leader of the vampire uprising emerges, a different and undetected threat grows within their midst. One that could change Hannah’s life and the lives of those she loves, forever.

Please note – this is the Book Four of the popular “Recruit” series. Books One – Three MUST be read first in order to understand the events of Book Four.

Author’s Note: This book contains explicit and steamy sex scenes that may not be your cup of tea. It is intended for adult readers only.


Warning! Mild spoilers below.


It was a big surprise to hear that Elizabeth Kelly had written another installment of The Recruit series. Then again Book 3 did have a open-ending. Nonetheless, it was still exciting to see many old favorite characters again and see how they are doing since Book 3.

Plus, a new installment means we get to meet new characters!

Book 4 starts out in another Facility that trains recruits to hunt and destroy vampires and protect the humans. Jordan, the head of the Facility we know from the previous books, is being showed a groups of vampire who were cured of their  violent behavior with a vaccine. These vampires have regained their previous personalities and emotions from before they were turned. There are some who are hoping this vaccine will help against the war with the vampires but others are still not so sure so the vampires and vaccine are still being tested. Shortly after, the Facility is attacked by vampires hoping to destroy the vaccine and the only one to survive is a newly vampire named Olivia that was given the vaccine. Olivia manages to escapes and heads of to look for Jordan since his Facility is close and he is one of the few to know about the vaccine. Sadly, due to the vaccine being a secret, Olivia doesn’t get a warm welcome from Jordan’s colleagues who at first see her as another regular killer vampire. After finding out she’s not that dangerous due to the vaccine, there are some who still see her as a threat while others don’t. However, everybody soon learn that they have to get along and fast because not only do they have a vampire uprising problem but they also have another problem that is within the Facility.

Overall, Book 4 was great addition to The Recruit series! I am so grateful to Elizabeth Kelly who decided to bring back our favorite characters again for another story. From the looks of it, we might get two more books considering the story-lines that Elizabeth Kelly has come up with this time. Seriously, well done Elizabeth Kelly. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in Book 5.










*I received a The Recruit (Book Four) ARC from the author in return for an honest review.* 









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