REVIEW: With or Without Him by Barbara Elsborg

I really enjoyed this.

Of course the copious amounts of hot sexy times didn’t hurt in forming that opinion. **wink wink**

It was insta-lust for both MCs but that happens in real life so I don’t have as much of a problem with it as I do with insta-love.I must say that that the “love” did come at the speed of light though. With the amount of secrets that these men kept from each other, the “love” was a bit abrupt. I got that they cared for each other and went through a lot also for the other but for it to be called “love”? Didn’t buy it.

I enjoyed the writing,the pacing, and the interaction among the characters. I simply adored Harris’ butler/cook/chauffeur Wilson and his garrulous nature. I laughed whenever he appeared.

I’m really glad I re-read this.