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Deadly Shores (2014)

by Taylor Anderson(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 3
0451465660 (ISBN13: 9780451465665)
Roc Hardcover
review 1: I liked the story(ies). However, with book nine, we have long since reached the point of diminishing interesting returns. We have killed Grik and continue to fix up the old four-stacker once again for another battle and deal with differing priorities and agendas. The rest seems like it's about as exciting as eating plain porridge. There's not much 1940's slang, and where is Betty Grable?The original premise for the series is pretty good, but there is very little sci-fi doled out--most is just plain "killing grik" or some other kind of being and not much technology advance beyond 1942. The mystery about Walker's coming is not yet solved, nor fully explained. Some itty-bitty part of the books could be dedicated to that. Each book listen is about 13-15 hours and there's a... morelways another boring battle as the boys from the future seem to gobble up each new race that they meet.Right now, there are 7 different human/hybrid peoples and nothing seems to be coming together for a conclusion. How does one keep up with all of them? This series is in very much need of a condensed version and an ending. In the ending, do these Americans return to their own time line; retire interbreed and stay with the current one; get killed off or even figure out what happened to them? My kingdom for an ending! Maybe book 10 will give us that upon its release 5/15/15.
review 2: Finished reading it. I was saddened to see some of the characters that had been with the ship from the beginning die. There are a lot of characters like Rebecca McDonald that got pushed to the side if only temporarily while the author introduced several new ones. And there are some random things that make no sense except it advances the plot in a small sense. Overall, it was good and I eagerly await the next installment. Hopefully, some characters will be back in with a vengeance... perhaps even literally! less
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Excellent addition to the series. Hard on some favored characters and somewhat upsetting.
I love the series and I am looking forward to the next one.
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