Second Life | I see you from the dark

Shhhh……….. I hear you voice

I hear you from the dark, it’s me. Your secret admire,  I’m always there beside you, without you knowing it. I am you, and you are my fear.  Lucifer, that’s my name from you. Do not be afraid because I will protect you.

Damn it……..

The voice is always heard in my dreams, who is he? I gave him the name Lucifer, like the figure of the death angel. Anyone he thanks for protecting me, this blog I make as a form of my thanks. You are there but not real to me.

Lucifer, a hero in my fear, as an invisible body but able to dispel all the evil that is in my mind. He is not real but his existence can be detected by me, walking on the wind. He is always there when I call him, “Lucifer, help me wherever you are” like pronouncing a power sentence for my fear. He even protects my mind from those who try to read it, is not that great. For a second I’m afraid, what’s he like? even some friends I’m afraid of him existence.

I believe in God, even I always mention his name in every I pray. Lucifer is the angel of God? I don’t know.


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