She became a Warrior

Writing is my therapy and this piece has been running around in my head for a long while so I finally decided to write in down… hope you enjoy and understand

She Became A Warrior

At first a reluctant gladiator thrown into a ferocious battle, unequipped and powerless but with little choice after a cruel twist of fate… she had to become a warrior

Swallowing down the fear overwhelming her senses to fight through the sea of flames in her path burning her as she passed… she became a warrior

Striving for control, her aim clear, in command of her power, thunder crashing through her mind, liquid titanium coursing through her veins, eyes bright with determination,  an unstoppable soul her strength growing with time.  Her theatre of war may not be a battlefield but it’s no less fatal or terrifying  … she became a warrior

She still stands, strong yet weak, knowing yet naive, custodian for the future, determined to help others who are floundering, drawn to her side by their own adversity.  Holding out her hand in silent comfort and encouragement together facing their adversary to declare ‘we’ve come to end your reign, take your throne, burn it to ashes and destroy your land’… together they became warriors

Yearning for her life as it was before yet she has seen her destiny and upon seeing her reflection, though she doesn’t look like a soldier as her scars are hidden within, no less damaging … she  has become a warrior

But when the sun does down and quietness falls she’s just a girl who wants to live craving life and all its magic.

She is a warrior…

She became a warrior

Thanks so much for reading… please comment below, I’d love to know your thoughts… ButterflyinRemission

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