Starting a New Book Be Like… By Ripley Proserpina

In Tarot, there’s a card called The Wheel of Fortune, it reflects the cyclic nature of things. For every end, there is a beginning, and all that. On Tuesday, I released a book, the second in the six book series, called The Searchers. All the while I’ve been preparing for Finding Valor’s release, I’ve been writing the third book.

There was no breath in between writing, no resting on my butt.

Still, I absolutely love it. Writing isn’t like homework. There are some similarities. Like with homework, it’s waiting for me when I’m done my day job. There’s a deadline, a due date, and I turn in my work to be graded (aka edited) when it’s finished. And I always, always want an A plus.

But there’s where the similarity ends. I don’t dread writing, like I used to with homework. I write on Sundays, and it doesn’t ruin the day. Yes, I have the deadline, but the deadline means it’s the end of the book. Which means I get to see how it ends, and I generally only have a vague idea of the ending when I start.

I don’t have a title for my WIP,  I just call it by the character’s name— Matisse. Because I’m loving discovering who this guy is, and what makes him tick, I wanted to share a bit here. Hope everyone has a fantastic week! ~ Ripley

Ryan followed her into the living room where she collapsed onto the sofa. “Does Matisse race motorcycles?” It was better to just come out with it. 

His head jerked back, eyes widening in surprise. “How— Who—” 

“He does.” She knew it. It explained the late nights. Sleeping all day. It fit Matisse, a guy who risked his neck to climb a tree and serenade his girlfriend after he offended her. “Did he race last night? Was he arrested with everyone else?”

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