Stillhouse Lake review

Hi everyone! Yes it’s been a long time since I made a blog post but I’m back & better than ever. I recently open an account to Kindle unlimited on Amazon & I have access to many many books. I’m starting off with a 30 day trial & so far I’ve downloaded a couple of books.

I decided that I’ll start my book journey with Stillhouse Lake as this book is one of the ones I picked out a while ago on Goodreads.

Stillhouse Lake is about a woman named Gina who is married with two kids. Gina finds out that her husband’s hobby wasn’t what she thought it was. Gina’s husband Melvin had a hobby of killing women in their garage. After her husband is caught and tried as a murderer people are finding it hard to believe that Gina had no idea what her husband was doing therefore they wanted “Justice” since she wasn’t charged as an accomplice, they start sending her death threats to her & her two children. So Gina and her two kids start moving from town to town changing their identities with the help of an anonymous guy named Absalom who is a blacklist hacker. Finally starting over in a town in Tennessee called Stillhouse Lake, murders with the exact ways her husband was killing start to happen and the towns police start suspecting her. Gina has to race before time runs out or be framed for murders she hasn’t committed.

After two days I finally finished this book and i have to say i really enjoyed it. Obviously since i did finish it at a face pace. I will rate the book 4/5 stars.

The reason why I didn’t give it a 5 is because I thought the book was really predictable. As for as the person behind the killings. It could of used a little more suspense and climax.

Had you sitting at the edge of your seat. Flipping pages trying to figure what’s going to happen next. The author did throw in a surprise towards the end.

Will start book 2 next.

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