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Bone Handbook (2010)

by Jeff Smith(Favorite Author)
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0545211425 (ISBN13: 9780545211420)
review 1: The Bone Handbook is a collection of extras about the Bone saga. It includes a history of the Valley where all the action takes place (basically a summary of the whole story), character biographies, recipes, interviews with the writers and the colorist, and a couple of bonus stories. It's the graphic novel equivalent of that second DVD full of extra materials you watch because you really love the movie. I found it enjoyable and informative and recommend it to Bone fans--but you need to finish the graphic novels first or else you'll read spoilers!
review 2: The Bone Handbook is a guide to the Bone comics by Jeff Smith. Before reading this Handbook, I had not read any of the books in the series so I virtually knew nothing about it. The handbook included lots rele
... morevant character and story information and after finishing it I had a general knowledge of the characters and how the story would progress. Also included is more about creator Jeff Smith and how the Bone comics came to be, interviews with both Jeff Smith and colorist Steve Hamaker and lots of colorful artwork throughout. Overall this handbook introduced the series to me nicely. less
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I like this book because it tells you about the characters and parts of all the bone books.
A reference book about Bones that looks nice but adds very little.
Wow-it seemed like I knew EVERYTHING!
I think this book is awsome
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