Taking Bookish Photos

I’m going to admit: photography is not my strong suit. Okay, that’s probably pretty obvious, but hey I like to take pictures of my books! Being part of the book community on multiple platforms, you can start to feel bombarded with trying to live up to everyone else’s standards. I’ve certainly been guilty of that. But I really want to be able to set my own standards and enjoy the things I do.

I’m definitely trying to be less hard on myself, especially when it comes to bookstagram. It’s easy to begin to compare your photos with other people’s photos and feel like you won’t measure up. Or it may be that your books are a few years behind the trend and aren’t able to get newer releases. Whatever it may be, you’re totally not the only person feeling that way.

Anyway, just take pictures of your books, enjoy it, and screw anyone who tries to bring you down. They’re not worth it.

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