The Crowdfunders: Pray for Dawn

As a non-profit website dedicated to the support and promotion of Australian made films, Cinema Australia rarely gets the opportunity to throw cash at crowdfunding projects. Trust us, if we had the money we’d be executive producers on almost every new Australian film calling for supporters through the myriad of crowdfunding platforms available on the interwebs.

That’s why we’ve launched this feature – The Crowdfunders – which will shamelessly plug projects calling for your dollar. It’s just another way for us to do what we love doing most – supporting Aussie cinema!

Pray For Dawn

Produced and Directed by Peter Cameron
Written by 
Stephen Batchelor

Apartment buildings, houses and factories everywhere are being used like giant coffins and crypts, dark and devoid of any life. Death has crept up on this city, slowly and surely, like a parasite, and taken the ones we love, the ones we know. Now it’s up to a few unlucky people who know what’s tightening its grasp on this city, and know what has to be done, not just to save the city, but to save themselves.

According to the filmmakers, Pray for Dawn is going to be a throwback to genre survivors Halloween, The Thing, Scream and Saw with a touch of humour about it. 

Determined to make the film as realistic and gritty as possible, the filmmakers are excited to take on the challenge of making a low budget horror film which they believe will give the film the realism their hoping for.

Target: $54,000

How the funds will be used: Cast and crew wages, locations, post production and catering.

You can find out more about the campaign here.

You can keep up to date with the film here.


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