The Doctor’s Wife

“I always took you where you needed to go”

            Other than the vague notion of his inner decency, the TARDIS (and the untamed adventure it hurtles him toward) is the only constant in the Doctor’s life and the one thing that soothes his angst. The hyperdimensional blue police box is a reliable stalwart of this show, along with the Time Lord’s nonlethal Sonic Screwdriver, and has gone through its fair share of redesigns and mythology building. In a way, it symbolizes the childlike creativity of Doctor Who’s universe, with infinite possibility and astounding power. It has also been a familiar marketing device once the show became trendy. It has a catchy name, but the acronym stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, if you were curious.

            In The Doctor’s Wife, it gets its own spotlight, manifesting as a human woman. This development puts the Doctor’s fate and adventures into a more cosmic, spiritual context, since his lady is always looking out for him. This one-off was written by Neil Gaiman, of all people! I mostly include it for nailing the tone and likable character moments of a typical DW episode, which is what the series’ watchability relies on. Like the Doctor’s peculiar tools, it’s always quietly there, doing its job.

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