The Long Highway Home by Elizabeth Musser

The Long Highway Home, written by Elizabeth Musser, is a story of going back to correct things left unfinished. Bonnie Blake has been given one year to life and at the insistence of her niece, Tracy, she returns to Austria and the ministry she left years earlier.

This story is several stories within the story. We read the story of Bonnie and her ministry work, until she left it to return to the United States to help Tracy’s mother raise her family after the death of Tracy’s father. We also read Tracy’s story, of her coming to faith and her feeling of staying on in Austria working in The Oasis ministry center.

We also meet Hamid and his family. Hamid is an Iranian who was forced to flee Iran after the police caught him and his daughter with a Bible. The story tells of Hamid’s journey to get to safety and the hardships he endured. We also read of his family and their journey to get to him when they are forced to flee Iran.

We also meet Amir, Bonnie’s former boyfriend. Together Bonnie and Amir return to Iran to help Hamid’s family cross the border to safety. Amir has been told if he entered Iran again his life would be endanger.

I really enjoyed reading this book! The story is told from various peoples point of views but is labeled as such so it is easy to follow along. The story is filled with action and suspense, making it hard to put down. But we also see the tender side of the story. We see a woman who has only a short time to live and the struggles she go through. We see her trying to undo the wrongs from her past. And we also see the type of love that is strong enough to survive years of not knowing what happened. I feel this is a book that would be enjoyed by almost anyone.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Book Club Network. I have freely chosen to write this honest review.

405 pages

ISBN: 9781532312595

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform;

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