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Lovci Monster S.r.o. (2012)

by Larry Correia(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 3
Monster Hunter International
review 1: I sincerely wanted to like this book. My friend, Art, told me he really enjoyed it and thought I would too. Patrick Rothfuss, one of my favorite authors, gave it five stars and a good writeup on GoodReads. But for me, meh.I read half. It's taken me months to even get that far. Fun beginning, a gradual bogging down until I can't be bothered to remember what happened the last few pages I read the day before. And now it's sat on my bedside for over a month, gathering dust.I'll find someone to give it to, someone who likes this kind of thing. But see, that's the thing, isn't it? Because it is the kind of thing I like - urban fantasy. Someone realizes that all the monsters are real, and he is now part of the team that fights to keep our world safe.Maybe it's the guns. I have li... moreke zero appreciation for books about guns and such. It's a me-thing.Anyhow, I'm giving up on what, to me, is a turkey.Sorry, Art. Don't stop recommending books - we have very similar tastes most of the time..Sorry, Patrick. Please get the next book in your series written, sir, soon.
review 2: I got this book because the cover made it seem modern. It was all a lie. This is the cheesiest texan 80's-style fantasy gun-loving dude's book I have ever read (or listened to)--and it's ten times cheesier in German. I'm not sure what the narrator was thinking when he tried to do some of those accents. That being said, it was still enjoyable at times. There are some funny moments and the characters are surprisingly relatable. If you love Texas, pointlessly long BORING descriptions of guns, and cliche monster hunting ---this here is your thang. I did think the ending was sweet (in a morbid, foreboding sort of way). less
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Think Dresden Files + big piles of explosive ordinance. I'm enjoying the series quite a bit.
Very solid story, well written with a great story arc (arcs). Strongly recommend this book.
Not quite the level of Jim Buthcher, but still a lot of fun.
Guns, guns, guns...and monsters, and more guns.
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