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Without interruption. Without discontinuities. Neither in matter nor in time. In a constant existence, in an eternal inhalation. Coexisting in a plane that accompanies us with immeasurable rhythms and frequencies. In symbiosis with us by random accident. Procreators of our existence without intention.

Free omniscient unconscious. Oblivious to the unnecessary. Feeling from the cell to infinity. Miracles of virtuous chemistry. Existent in what gives them life and in what destroys them indifferently. Monsters of exuberance that twist from the marshes to the skies.

Even the sun seems more restless and unstable. Less reliable. At his side, voluble and banal.

Without remedy, our minds run through them, wounded with delirium. And even this is another inhabitant welcomed without prejudice.

But they do not watch us. They transcend our concept of survival beyond comprehension. They perceive us ignoring all kinds of animal artifice. They make us, upon perceiving ourselves, into creatures liberated from species, limitation or language, absolutely as living individuals, with the only need for interaction and symbiosis. They make us brothers, they elevate us, while we remain committed to clinging to our pettiness and our temporality, losing the possibility of existing at all of perception like them.

The horned god of beasts, called by some Cernunos, by other Shiva, did understand the timelessness of forests, he accepted it and made himself timeless, to enter its frequencies and cycles, dancing to eternity , becoming what we believe motionless statue of a dancer.

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