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Don't Let Go (2013)

by Skye Warren(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 5
Smashwords Edition
Dark Erotica
review 1: I knew it! Oh but that did not take away from the story at all it just increased my anticipation level and my need to read faster to find out if I was right. Another great dark read that I devoured and loved. This dark erotica series is awesome - my husband is not a reader but I can tell you that he really likes this series as much as I do. Recommend that you do not read this book alone, make sure that you have access to someone who knows when you put down your e-reader and look at them while panting that you need to taken care of. Definitely recommend.
review 2: Wow, this book was just amazing! I love dark erotica, and Skye Warren was right on target with this one. The blurb for the book drew me in immediately. Junior FBI agent Samantha has just landed her
... more first big case, even though the reasons she was assigned to it are really a mystery. She is paired up with one of the most notorious FBI agents, Ian Hennessy. They don't bring him in until everyone else has failed. Ian and Samantha form a weird relationship right off of the bat. She has a case of hero worship, and he shows her grudging respect. I loved their witty banter back and forth. They are both sarcastic and love to say funny and sometimes shocking things to each other to keep the other one off guard. After working together for a couple of weeks, their chemistry starts to change into something more sexual. However, because of their professional relationship, they limit things to just a couple of stolen kisses. Things speed up and become more tense when they receive intel that the drug dealing, murdering, mafia-kingpin like criminal they are chasing is going to be conducting a drug deal in their back yard. When the bust goes down, things go wrong in a serious way, and Samantha is the one to suffer the consequences. This is one of those books where I really can't go into too much detail or it will ruin the twists and surprises inside the book. However, I can say that I loved how Sam and Ian complemented each other. They both have really messed up childhoods, and it feels like the broken pieces inside of them are drawn to the other. I loved the pace and the suspense of the book. I never felt like the story dragged while they were waiting for their next big move, but when the action was happening it didn't get out of hand and speed out of control. Without any spoilers, I'm just going to say that I loved the twist concerning the identity of the bad guy. And I think that the story ended up exactly how it should have. I love books that humanize the monster, and show that sometimes there is another side to the face of evil.I highly recommend this book if dark erotica is your thing. You won't be disappointed! less
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My gawd I loved this book!!! Nicely dark and twisty. Extra steamy and nasty.
Couldn't put it down!
Fantastic !!!!!
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