The Year of Taking Chances 7 – The End (Chapters 29 – end)



I finished the book yesterday, and it was a lovely, happy ending.

First, Saffron realises that the letter that she thought she had written to Max is still with her, which means that she did not post it. So she decides to go to Max’s office and tell him face to face. Max is surprised to see her bump. Saffron tells him that the baby is his, and at once after overcoming his surprise, he is supportive and wants to be part of the baby’s life. When Saffron tells him about the amnio, which she is so concerned about, Max suggest they shouldn’t go, and Saffron realises that she hadn’t considered this option. So she decides that she will welcome her baby wahtever happens. From then on she and Max start seeing each other and going slowly. Saffron learns that the woman Max was seeing was a fling that lasted only two weeks. Saffron also decides to go freelance and leave the company and her boss from hell. At the end of the book, Saffron has moved to Larkmead, is in a happy relationship with Max, and expecting her baby to arrive any day now.

Caitlin has her happy ending with Harry. She, Saffron, and Gemma discover that Jade, the girlfriend who Harry had told her was expecting his baby, is not pregnant, and Gemma hears that the woman invented the whole thing, trying to entrap Harry, and as soon as he learnt about her deceit, he told her to leave him. Then Gemma and Harry plot together to get Caitlin to see him. So when Caitlin gets to his house, he is waiting for her and has lunch ready for them to share. Harry is sweet, and at the end of the book they are a lovely couple. Caitlin decides to stay in the village with her lovely boyfriend and working as a freelance graphic designer thanks to Saffron’s contacts. She also manages to contact her birth mother who lives in America, and she learns that she has a half-brother, and she and Harry plan to visit them when they can enjoy some holidays. I like it that Cailtin eventually makes peace with Jane, and she realises that what her mother did was out of love for her.

And Gemma becomes superbusinesswoman, but she also manages to make her peace with her husband. When she learns that Spencer has gone to Manchester and is staying with his cousin, she writes a letter to him, reminding him about the good things they shared all these years. A couple of weeks later Spencer returns, and he admits that he was so depressed than he almost killed himself, but thinking about her and the children stopped him. Then in Manchester he went to see the doctor and diagnosed depression, so he has been trying to sort himself out. Gemma is so generous that she welcomes him with open arms. I think Spencer’s past attitude was quite nasty, and Gemma’s generosity shows which is the bigger person in this couple. At the end of the book, Gemma and Spencer are good again, and he is even working alongside his wife, dealing with the marketing and red tape.

I loved the book with these great three women and their problems and challenges. A lovely read.

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