Things I Wish I’d Known 3 (Chapters 3 – 4)


Claire goes to her hometown to see her best friend Frankie, who she hadn’t seen or heard from for many years. Her first surprise is that Frankie is not the slender, attractive woman that she used to know. Frankie is now double the size of what she used to be, but Claire says that she is as beautiful. During their conversation, she learns that after they lost contact, Frankie went to Spain for a while, where she met a holiday representative. When Frankie got pregnant, the man did a runner, and Frankie returned to England, her mother kicked her out of the house and disowned her. Frankie had to find a council flat, but had her baby, Emily, who is now a teenager. Her father was the only one who kept contact and visited her, but he died shortly afterwards. In the funeral she met Joe, whose father had been Frankie’s dad’s friend, and from then on Frankie and Joe dated, and they eventually married. Joe and Frankie have three children, and Emily is like a daughter to him.

It is nice to see Claire and Frankie connecting as if no time had passed at all. Claire mentions the twenty-year plans they wrote. Frankie is dismissive, saying that life is more than some silly plans, but Claire is still obsessed with the idea that her life should have been much more. I am afraid that her silliness might cost her dear, especially her relationship with Mark, who is a good man.


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