Today in comics: Hellblazer

Picked Hellblazer: Shoot this morning after finishing James Lovegrove’s Redlaw: Red Eye yesterday. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Because the day turned out to be one that begs for some John Constantine. The moody bastard’s snark works best when I feel like the world is one big ball of shit.

I was doing okay, at work, then I wasn’t. Then I was just pissed, annoyed, then sad. Wanted nothing except to go home and be alone with a good book or a movie, preferably one that is loud and full of action, and violent as hell. Anything to crush the blues. It was a long hard crawl to punch-out time…

Thankfully, the commute home was hassle-free. Window seat and REM music on Spotify. Small mercies.

And now I’m in bed, and it’s raining outside, a weird little late-night drizzle in the middle of March, and I’m about to treat myself to episode 4 of Iron Fist, then I’ll sleep, and hope I’ll be in a better mood come daybreak.

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