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Blacksad (2006)

by Juan Díaz Canales(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 1
159582393X (ISBN13: 9781595823939)
Dark Horse Originals
review 1: While I loved the art and look of Blacksad, none of the stories really stuck with me at all and I found the characters to be flat and uninspired. I very much wanted, and planned, to like it but the writing came off like a sometimes cutesie rehashing of noir tropes, and not in an especially original or compelling way. Maybe something was lost in translation, but the main character didn't seem to carry the soul of a hard boiled detective so much as faintly imitate it.
review 2: Words can hardly describe how much I love this series! The watercolor illustrations are truly masterful and make reading this graphic novel total eye candy. The noir-style story shakes your hand and pulls you into an immersive network of characters. The spectrum of characters is made even
... moremore diverse by the stylistic choice to represent them all as anthropomorphic animals. These animals are stunningly rendered... and portrayed incredibly human. less
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Crime/Thriller Noir with a mean hardboiled cat and excellent artwork, great stuff
Love Blacksad. The story is good and the art is amazing.
I think the cover says it all: "As good as it gets."
Great noir detective story
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