Trace Evidence

Trace Evidence 

I am back ladies and gentlemen, and today I am going to review Trace Evidence by Kathy and Brendan Reichs!

Trace Evidence was published in 2016, and this book is complied of four short stories that take place in the Virals universe.

The first short story is called Shock. This story is sort of a prequel to Virals, and it sees the main character Tory Brennan on her first day on Morris Island after she moves from Massachusetts to Charleston, South Carolina, to live with her father. Shock has seven chapters, and within the story we see how Tory met the rest of the Virals and how the gang found their secret bunker.

The second short story is called Shift, and it takes place shortly after the Seizure, the second book in the Virals series.  Told from different view points,  the Virals team up to help Tory’s father, Kit, find out who stole technology from the Loggerhead Island Research Institute. This ten chapter story also sees Tory’s great aunt, Temperance Brennan (from Kathy Reichs’ Temperance Brennan Series) make a cameo appearance.

Swipe is the third book in Trace Evidence. In this story, the Virals head to Comic Con in California with Tempe, and they end up investigating the disappearance of an important exhibit item. This short story is eight chapters long and is told from the point of view of  Tory.

Spike is the last book in Trace Evidence, and it takes place a few months after the ending of Terminal. Tory and the gang team up to find out who is trying to sabotage Kit and his girlfriend Whitney’s wedding. Spike gives an explanation for the ending of Terminal, and sees the series close up with a satisfying ending.

Trace Evidence is a good companion book to the Virals series because it offers four separate glimpses into the world of the Virals. It shows how the team meets, what they do when they are not solving major crimes, and it gives an answer for what happened at the end of Terminal.

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