Vegan Baby Led Weaning with Síofra

Síofra is 6 months old already!  With three kids to look after, it has flown by.  She has fitted into our lives perfectly and now it feels like she’s always been here.  She has always been a big baby, and still is very big and healthy!  She’s such a happy little girl, and is really a joy to be with and take care of.  Life is busy right now, but very happy.

Loving all the new flavours

I was so excited for her to reach the age that she could start solid foods.  I did baby led weaning with the other two and knew I would do it again.  It suits me perfectly as I’m a slightly lazy parent.  It’s so simple to just feed her the same food that we are all eating.  She is a pretty laid back baby, and was happy just to have breast milk and didn’t seem very interested in solid food until recently.  She started to be able to sit up a while before six months, but didn’t really bother to do it much for a while.  Then she started showing more signs of being ready for solids, and then suddenly started shouting at me when she saw the rest of us eating, and I knew she wanted to try some food herself!  If you haven’t heard much about baby led weaning, I wrote this blog post about it with more information.

It’s not mess, it’s learning!

The first food I offered her was some ripe banana, and then we quickly introduced our regular meals (minus the salt).  Like her brothers, she very quickly got the hang of it.  The first few days she was getting used to the new tastes, figuring out how to pick up food, and how to chew and swallow.  After about a week she was eating as if she had been doing it all her life!

Avocado on toast was a success!

She has had all kinds of meals like pasta, roasted veggies, toast, fruit, houmous, tofu scramble, I’m even planning a mild curry for dinner tonight.  Her favourite foods so far have been soft fruits like berries, ripe pears and plums.  I’m letting her try a bit of everything we’re eating, as long as it’s fairly healthy (and avoiding choking hazards).  I’ve been making a bit more effort to make sure our meals are extra nutritious and have plenty of iron, healthy fats, etc.  But I don’t worry too much either, as I know she still gets most of what she needs from her milk feeds.  I think giving her nutritious food is important because they have such tiny tummies, but it’s also about learning and exploring new things, and having fun!

Learning quickly!

I can’t wait for her to try even more new foods.  It’s so much fun, messy, but very fun.  It’s wonderful to see her so eager to try so many new flavours and textures, and hopefully will start her off on the path to eating healthily for life.  It’s just the start of her new adventure.  And the best thing is that it’s encouraging the boys to eat up all their vegetables when they see Síofra doing it!


Did you do baby led weaning with your children or are you planning to?  Let me know in the comments!  You can follow me on Instagram to see more of Síofra’s meals.

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