Werewolf Skin Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Werewolf skin was an interesting read and the concept of wearing a skin to transform into a werewolf is fascinating.

Alexander Hunter is an aspiring photographer vacationing at his Aunt Martha and Uncle Colin’s house.

During his stay, he meets a girl named Hannah. She saves him from the school bully and they quickly become friends.

Soon, Alex discovers large paw prints and loud howling coming from next door. His aunt and uncle explain that their neighbors have dogs. This is easily accepted.

A rumor begins to spread about werewolves who shed their skin and put it back on in order to transform. Alexander wants to be the first to photograph a werewolf, but his aunt and uncle lock him in his room with metal bars (not cool, why are all these people crazy?!).

The next day, he manages to get out of his room and goes to the forest. He finds the werewolves but they notice him and he must hide until the morning. Once the sun comes up, he learns they’re his aunt and uncle (saw that coming).

Alexander tells Hannah about this. They decide to steal his aunt and uncle’s werewolf skin to lift their curse.

This does the job and they’re cured. On the way home, Alexander decides to hide the skins in the abandoned house next door.

Once inside Hannah appears with her our werewolf skin (saw that coming) and kills Alexander (didn’t see that coming).

All in all, this was the better of the werewolf Goosebumps. Not perfect but definitely interesting and fun to read.

4 out of 5.

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