What does it feel, to be touched by someone you love?

She is so close yet so far away, I don’t know how her touch feels like.

Her presence is heavenly, but I have never been to heaven before.

Heart tingles and is desperate, just to feel her skin against mine.

Her fragrance is pure bliss, but I haven’t been touched by someone I love.

Those eyes just make me feel complete, but yet I crave for something.

Something that can make me lose my mind, something like drugs but even more.

My fingers rubbing against her skin, is it just a fantasy I am living in?

Because every time I stop myself, as I know I don’t have a place with her.

How long will it take to feel that bliss, I have been longing for?

How long can I just keep falling and never land on open ground?

My body’s turning to ashes, because it haven’t felt love in ages.

It haven’t loved and been loved, it’s been locked up and held down in chains.

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