Wolves of East Anglia Part 1

After a mild fender bender, Raedwald had an irrefutable desire to ask Lexi out while she’s on vacation in England. Their mutual attracts hits them both like a brick. Ever since Raed was given the power by the Anglo-saxon god, Tiw, to protect the human race from werewolves sired by Fenris, he’s never had such a pull before. After he notices that he’s starting to care for her more than he should, he struggles to keep her safe while keeping his word to Tiw.

This is an excellent book. Chenery, is really good at world-building. Lexi and Raed are thrown together awfully quickly, but as I said with other series if you have a tell-tell sign you’re destined more people would get together quickly. As this is the first book in the series, we get a lot of background of the group of werewolves as well as the lore behind them. The characters that are shown in this book are well developed, which is really impressive with how short this novella is. This is a really good book and a good start of the series.

On her first day in England, Kamryn runs head on into Algar. After being helped up and dusting herself off, she is certain that she will never see that gorgeous man again. Having lost the wolf that he was looking for, Algar’s mind drifts back to Kamryn. He’s determined to find his mate again. He follows her scent to the hotel she’s staying at in an attempt to woe her. While trying to balance love and his job, he is the 2nd person of the pack to find his mate. They all have a lot of learning to go through.

I love how Algar learns from Raed’s mistakes. The bond between the wolves is strengthened in this book. We get also a deeper understanding of the differences between the 2 types of werewolves. I sadly don’t remember much else about this book, and this is why I shouldn’t have waited so long to review it. I will say though, that the ending is a close call and Twi really manages to save Kamryn’s life.

After her English boyfriend left her owning a bar that is just paying the bills. Nika has sworn herself off men for the rest of her life. Well, that was until Garrick walked into her bar looking at her like she was food. Garrick was absolutely certain that Nika is his mate, but now he just has to warm her up to the idea of having a boyfriend again. Though his presence around her brings her into danger’s path.

This might be the hardest book to write a synopsis for. This book doesn’t have much of a storyline past the love story. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, it’s just there is more substance in the other book of the series. You do still get some background to the other wolves, but they are almost in hiatus in this book. Obviously, the plot still advances but I feel like in the earlier and the later books there is more world building that happens. It’s it’s a good book, just wish there was a little more substance.

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