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La Gigantesca Barba Malvagia (2013)

by Stephen Collins(Favorite Author)
3.14 of 5 Votes: 2
8865432292 (ISBN13: 9788865432297)
Bao Publishing
review 1: "A fascinating book that basically explains everything." One of my favorite graphic novels of all time - definitely the best one I've read this year. I would recommend The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins to fans of satirical messages focusing on societal expectations. The artwork is clean, but it should definitely be looked at more than once. Little bits can easily be skipped over, and they shouldn't be. Some of the smallest sketches were my favorite jokes. The message was delivered in a relatable and humorous way, despite the serious implications, and I admired the ending. ~SAT
review 2: I have a beard fetish so a beard portrayed as a stinky gooey ooze that is trying to take over the world doesn't particularly appeal to me. I personally felt t
... morehat the majesty of beards was slighted in this comedic adaptation of the concept of 'dirty beards.' A dirty beard is not one that should be portrayed in such a manner. I decided to read this novel, first out of curiously and second because I was trying to figure an appropriate way to commemorate the fact that since I am a woman that I cannot grow a beard proper. Thus a novel entitled: the Gigantic Beard that was Evil, felt very appropriate. I was expecting to laugh, because the whole idea of buying the book was for a laugh, something to amuse myself and I was just not expecting to be horrified. I was not expecting to be emotionally scarred by the idea of dating any man with a beard too long. Now I shiver to think of what lurks inside the murky depths of that utter madness swamp that humanity has deemed a beard.This novel is life changing in the sense that I will never again date beard men, any man with a beard longer than well scruff. This signals the end of the beard fetish, the end of an era.Good bye beards . . . good night boys with the beard.Off to the scruffy ones now . . . less
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This was a graphic novel with a message. Overall the illustrations were fantastic.
Very fun, very quick, very nicely drawn.
4.5 Stars!
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