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BookRags Summary: A Storm Of Swords (2010)

by BookRags(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This is for the Summary Study Guide, which I am not interested in at all.Keeps showing up in my Recommendations shelf. I click "Not Interested". It comes back. What kind of loophole was used for this book to show up repeatedly? Go away.Edited: May 24, 2014I may have inadvertently found a solution. My 1 Star rating seems to have bumped this book from the Recommendation area into the rated area.
review 2: As it stands here in January 2013, this was the last 'great' book G.R.R.M wrote. and I use that in the true sense of the word where these first three novels in ASOIAF truly were books that strode as if giants among the other lesser novels.Read the first three in this series, climaxing with this book they were innovative, well wirtten and tightly plotted. they
... morechanged the fantasy genre (probably for the better) and remain one of the best investments in time you can make.It is just a shame books 4 and 5 succumb to the law of diminishing returns, here's hoping books 6 and 7 can return this series to the top. less
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Won't come off my recommendations. Didn't read. Already read book don't need some friggin summary.
This one was my favorite! I LOVE book 3.
Must have more.
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