XIII: Death.

Happy New Year!  At first I thought about skipping a post today since talking about the Death card seems inappropriate for New Year’s Day.  Then I realized, New Year’s is actually the perfect opportunity to talk about the Death card since the card is all about transformation and change.  It’s the ending and the beginning – how appropriate as we move from 2017 to 2018!

This card is just overflowing with symbols.  My favorite is the white horse – a reminder that death is the ultimate purifier.  Obviously the skeleton is the part of the body that remains after death; however the armor is a reminder that nothing protects us from death.  The black banner brings darkness, but the flower is the flower of life.  Death gives rise to a new beginning.  Death is impartial: everyone is represented including children, men and women from different backgrounds, and even the bishop who shows reverence to death.  The tiny boat in the background transports souls to where they’re going.  And the tiny pillars in the background represents the knowledge needed to gain immortality.  The sun is setting behind the pillars – and isn’t it true how the sun appears to die each night but is reborn again in the morning?

Upright meaning: This is an exciting card – you’re in the middle of a major transformation!  This is one of the greatest transformations you’ve ever known.  Put the old behind you and embrace this new opportunity!  Many changes are taking place.  It can feel overwhelming and feel like things are out of control.  However these many changes enable a new direction to emerge.  This is a reminder to let go of unhealthy things in your life to pave the way to something better.  Get rid of those bad habits!  A door is opening to something better.

Reversal: You’re on the brink of change,  but you’re holding back and resisting change.  This resistance is futile.  Remember, death is inevitable and impartial.  Carrying around harmful aspects from the past will interfere with new beginnings and new opportunities on the horizon.  Think about how you approach change. Resolve what’s holding you back and embrace what’s new!

Change is constant and resisting change is painful.  The Death card is a reminder that death is part of the natural process that gives rise to new life.  The new change on the horizon is positive – something special is happening!

This card also reminded me of one of the most exciting things that happened in my life and hopefully yours in ’17.  The revival of Twin Peaks!  Here are some of those white horses from the series – also symbolic of death.  Eeeek!

And finally, a special white horse in my life, Polo from Happy on Hooves.  He was one of the horses I met the first time I went horseback riding.  ❤





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