YA Bookcon

*Update – I started reading Reclaiming Shilo Snow last night and have devoured half of it. Plan to finish it tonight and review it! (Silly work!)

So, Bowling Green hosted the YA Bookcon, which was truly amazing, and tons of fun.  I got extremely lucky, and was able to moderate the panel with Mary Weber on it, and finally meet her in person. They asked people to dress up for the event, …. soooo of course I did!  Next year I plan to do an even more amazing job, but this was short notice!

If you cannot tell, I was the TARDIS… and I took all my books for Mary to sign, which means I also got to win swag!  Always fun. There were tons of high school students from surrounding areas, some I knew from my drama class when I was an American College Coach at ECHS in 2016, so that was fun too!

I moderated a great panel, entitled:  Like a Boss: Writing Your Way Through An Identity Crisis — “Figuring out who you are is tough in high school. Luckily, it’s tough for everyone, as these authors point out – whether you’re in the real world or one that’s made up!”

The authors on the panel were:
1. Isabel Quintero, Gabi, A Girl In Pieces
2. Mary Weber, The Evaporation of Sofi Snow
3. Cinda Williams Chima, Shadowcaster
4. Courtney C. Stevens, Dress Codes for Small Towns

They did a great job. Courtney Stevens was on the very first panel I moderated for our SOKY Bookfest, and I always think she does a dynamic job of engaging people. Sadly, after my panel I had to head back to work.  Lucky for me it was a two day event, so the next day I got to back, and attend a game of trivia about Harry Potter (which I sorely disappointed myself on, and must reread all of those at once – oh and the Hufflepuffs won!).

CJ Redwine hosted the Trivia Game (She is awesome as well).  She was on my panel this year for SOKY.  She brought a giant suitcase of books to give out as prizes, and then told us to take as many as we wanted, because she was not taking them back home!  Loved it.

Also, posted above in the middle, is Mary Weber’s daughter (Avalon), who was super nice. We got to talk about studying abroad, Harlaxton and college in general (you can’t tell what I do for a living, can you?).

All in all, it was an awesome couple of days, in which I spent too much money (though some of those books I got for moderating).  They also gave away free pins, which was way too much fun.

I cannot wait for our next SOKY Bookfest!

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