Your Vintage Tea Party Journal by Angel Adoree

What a bea-u-tiful book. Your Vintage Tea Party Journal is simply stunning, filled with recipes, space to write you own ideas, hints and tips for finding vintage trinkets and kitchenware and even games, for your perfect tea party.

I was given this book by a friend who shares my love of vintage and tea parties. Knowing I was planning a tea party bridal shower for my wedding next year, she came across this book and picked it up for me, knowing I’d fall in love with it.

From seeing the front cover, I gasped – the gorgeous detailing and intricate designs – something that runs throughout the book, really is lovely. A lot of thought has been put into every single aspect, from the durable material of the front cover to the intricate drawings and eccentric recipes. It’s the perfect book to keep in your bag for when ideas strike.

Angel Adoree, the author, has captured everything you really do need for the perfect vintage tea party in this book. She takes you through finding gems to serve your food and drinks on/in, trinkets that add to the vintage atmosphere and set the scene, fun invites and eccentric recipes including Rose Pannacotta and Thyme Punch to really wow your guests and give them something different, and the finishing touch – yourself! With tips on how to style the perfect vintage ‘do and make up, you’re all set with everything you could possibly need.

Angel used to run her own business, offering bespoke vintage tea parties for celebrities and so she really does know how to host. With a book this detailed and full of ideas, you’re safe in her hands.

It also includes ideas for finding the perfect location for your event and includes photocopy-able invites and thank you cards. Hosting really is in the author’s blood – she’s thought of everything.


Angel has put together a delicious and interesting selection of dishes to surprise and delight your guests – whatever time of the day you hold your tea party! I like the smoothies, which she suggested serving in cups and saucers – LOVE! – as well as the Cream Cheese and Cucumber Hearts which seem simple enough for those not overly experienced in the kitchen (a-hem) but they still look lovely and sophisticated. The rose petal sandwiches are something entirely different to your usual afternoon tea sarnies, but they sound fascinating. Unfortunately, all the recipes are for those who can eat regular, non-allergen free food, so I’ll have to try adapting them to be gluten free, when I give them a go, but I’m still excited to. The photos of her creations are mouth-watering and I love the quirky presentation. It serves as inspiration for your own party. There’s recipes for starters, savoury, cakes, desserts and drinks included in the book,

The Salad Cemetery recipe will come in handy for my Alice in Wonderland Halloween party later this year, so there’s another event I’ll be using this book for!

On the topic of Alice in Wonderland, the artwork and illustrations are magically eccentric, with the half-human-half-animal drawings being incredibly quirky and fun. With pages and spaces for you to write plenty of your own ideas as you go along planning your tea party, it really is the sort of book you can carry around with you to add ideas to as they come along.

I do like the section on alcoholic drinks and some of the most intriguing recipes can be found in these pages. Using delicate flavours and combining them with alcohol, it makes for some fun cocktails and shots that combine a certain elegance from the vintage era with modern day alcoholic favourites. Green-Jasmine Tea Bubbles is just one.

The book has everything you need to throw a special tea party, whatever the occasion, and so I think it works really well for particularly special events such as bridal showers or birthdays. The book itself is so special to look at and own and I really doubt anyone would be disappointed with it.

Your Vintage Tea Party Journal: Capture your passion for all things vintage by Angel Adoree published by Michell Beazley £12.99
Imagery credit: Yuki Sugiura & David Edwards
Original publication date: 5 October 2015

Photos published with permission from Octopus Books.

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