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The Lucky Sperm Club (2010)

by Rebecca Eckler(Favorite Author)
2.69 of 5 Votes: 5
1554702968 (ISBN13: 9781554702961)
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review 1: A great novel of how money doesn't always equal happiness - it means power. It's up to the person to choose to be easily corrupted by that power or to utilize it.The Lucky Sperm Club are the people who are born into money, multimillionaires born and bred. It's easy to get sucked into the glamour of that kind of life as Amanda learns in this novel, but soon she is shown the error of her ways and learns that money does not replace the good, genuine friendships and love to be had with friends and lovers. The lives of the "Richie Riches" is easily addictive, a whole world apart from the rest, yet their rules and scandals (in my opinion) aren't worth the fortune.
review 2: I picked up this book at the library after hearing an interview with the author on the CBC rad
... moreio show, The Next Chapter. It sounded intriguing. Later I heard more about her online yelling at the publisher for not paying her after going backrupt (because, after all, she should be paid before employees or other people owed money). And then there was her lawsuit against the movie Knocked up, saying that it was based on her own memoir of the same name.As result, I wasn't exactly going into the book without a feeling, mildly negative, about the author. Keep this in mind.Amanda is a single mother of a young girl, Clover, whose father left her as soon as he found out she was pregnant. He comes from a very rich family, so he pays enough in child support that Amanda never has to hold a job in the entire book. When Clover is four, her father's family comes into her life, and she ends up going to an expensive private school, and inheriting fifty million when her grandmother dies. Clover becomes a snob, while Amanada, who got a modest bequest, goes nuts for designer clothes, and messes up her life.I found it very hard to sympathize with Amanda. First of all, thanks to getting pregnant by a rich man in her early twenties, she never has a job through the book. She just lives off her child support. Right there, I had problems. Even her screw-ups come across a petty (sleeping with the wrong people, getting spoiled by money). Okay, she turns her life around, but I really wanted her to *do* something with her life.Clover, on the other hand, came across as a real kid, who lets her (rich) friends turn her into a snob, demanding the best of everything, no matter how much it costs, and playing her father and mother against each other. I didn't like her, but I did believe her.All in all, it was a fluffy read that left a slightly bad taste in my mouth, and no desire to read any of the author's other books. less
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I've been more entertained reading the back if a cereal box. Soooooooooo boooooorrrriiinnnggg.
This. Was. Terrible.
Review to come...:/
Didn't finish
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