Questions I still have about NBC’s The Office

According to the rumor mills, NBC’S The Office is going to be making its way back onto the television. If you are anything like me then you have a really hard time composing words that can express your deep love and appreciation for The Office.

Despite ending in May of 2013, I cannot get enough of this show; from randomly quoting the television show in my everyday conversations, searching and wearing merchandise like it’s going out of style, following all my favorite characters on Instagram, endlessly rewatching the show, and hoping that someday my relationship will reach Pam and Jim goals. In fact – and here is a fun fact about me- I love the show so bloody much that I cannot bring myself to watch the last episode. As many times as I have restarted the series, and believe you me – it has been plenty, I cannot watch episode 27 of season 9. I get to mid-season 9, and have to restart the whole series; somehow believing that if I don’t watch the last episode than it never really ended (despite knowing what happens).

But if the word around Scranton is correct, and we will get to see Dunder Mifflin again, then I need some long-awaited unanswered questions to be resolved. *Spoilers Warning*

Number One: Does Kevin still have the blown up Poster of  Jamaica Jan?

In season 3 after Carol (who was played by Steve Carell’s real-life wife) breaks up with him, Mike invites Jan to the Sandals Resort in Jamaica for Christmas vacation. And after accidentally sending a photo of a topless Jan to the entire packing department rather than to Todd Packer, the warehouse crew blows up the image to banner size. At the end of the episode, we see Kevin folding up the poster (after it had been ordered to be taken down) while telling the camera crew that he is going to take it home and hang it up (since he doesn’t have a lot of art).

Now to my knowledge this poster never comes up again. Not in the Garage Sale episode (Season 7 Episode 19) or the Fundraiser Episode (Season 8 Episode 22) when we see Kevin in his home with his dog Ruby; both of which could have been great episodes to see if Kevin had either gotten rid of the poster, or had it hanging in his house. Now I know this has nothing to do with the storyline of the show, but it would have been fun to see tidbits from earlier seasons reappear towards the end of series. And honestly, I just want to know the answer!

Number Two: Why doesn’t Erin know how old Andy is?

By Season 9 Episode 6, Andy and Erin have been dating on and off for a while. This is why it’s so surprising that she doesn’t actually know how old Andy is, stating “He couldn’t be more than late 30’s tops.” Now it’s possible that Erin is joking around with Pete when she says this but let’s be real, Erin is pretty ditsy and it’s not really in her character to have this kind of ironic humor. For someone who broke up with Andy initially for not telling her that he was engaged to Angela, it seems awfully strange that at no point in the three-year span of knowing each other his, age hasn’t come up.

Number Three: The unveiling of Dwight as Phillips Father.

This question isn’t so much a direct question, but a problem with the way the writers addressed the entire storyline of Dwight as Phillips father.

Near the end of Season 9, we find out that Phillip -despite multiple claims from Angela and a DNA test- is Dwight’s son. Now I have looked into this quite a bit, and there are claims that it’s possible that when Dwight took Phillips diaper from the bathroom to get it tested, he accidentally grabbed a diaper of another child or that the DNA had been contaminated. However, this to me seems unlikely. Dwight may be odd, but in no way is he stupid or incompetent. Throughout the entire series, Dwight has proved himself to be determined and intelligent (even if he does lack common sense). Given this, I find it hard to believe that he could have so easily made a mistake in getting a sample of Phillips DNA, especially considering how important a family (and Angela) is to him.

Others have speculated that the unveiling meant that Dwight would take responsibility of Phillip as if he was his birth father. But if this was the case, why put so much emphasis on Phillip’s large structure as a baby, Phillip choosing a beet in a game Dwight makes up, and the unveiling itself of Phillip as Dwight’s child. Furthermore, if Phillip is not Dwight’s biological son than why isn’t Senator Lipton paying child support? The Senator has seemingly abandoned Angela and their son with no financial support; which would seem to hurt his political career and the positive press he is trying to spin after coming out as Gay.

My theory is that both Angela and the Senator knew Dwight was the biological father. And that more than likely, they had kept the secret under wraps at the time in order to avoid negative press that could hurt Robert’s political career. Perhaps Angela mentioned to the Senator that Dwight had Phillips DNA, and Robert bribed the doctor who gave the paternity results, in order to cover their story. If this was the case, it would explain why Angela knew Dwight was the father, and why the Senator has seemingly abandoned the child without any repercussions.

And speaking of Abandoned Children……

Number Four: What happened to Senator Lipton’s son?

When we are first introduced to Senator Robert Lipton, he is bringing his son to Dwight’s Hay Festival and begins a budding relationship with Angela. Fast forward through the rest of the series and we never see this son again. He isn’t in any of the press shots, at the birth of his little brother, or in the family portrait that takes place at Dunder Mifflin (Season 8 Episode 24). Whatever happened to him?

We know that he isn’t with his mother because, during Episode 9 of Season 7, Robert states that his wife passed away a few years ago. So where is he? It seems as though the writers swept not only this child under the bus but Roberts’s entire backstory. When Robert comes out of the closet during a press conference in Stairmegeddon (Season 9 Episode 19), he states that it wasn’t until his marriage to Angela that he realized how “charm-less” he finds the female body. If he was married before and had a child with this woman, how could it have taken him this long to figure out that he was gay after a second marriage and a second son? I mean Angela is a good looking woman, so it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Regardless of a few inconsistencies and unanswered questions, The Office still remains not only -dare I say it- a cult-classic but one of my all-time favorite TV Show. It is light-hearted, fun, comical, and leaves you with a smile on your face and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. And if the rumors are true and a revival is in the works, I am excited to see what is going on with our favorite Paper People in Scranton, PA (the electric city).

Are there any burning questions that you still have? Let me know in the comments below.

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