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Bared By Him: (2013)

by Red Garnier(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 5
1466837683 (ISBN13: 9781466837683)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
The Billionaire's Club
review 1: Cade has a broken heart. He lost his first love to cancer. So when it comes to giving money to charities and having a soft heart he was not so forgiving because nothing saved his beloved. But Ivy a persistant charity worker pushes Cade. But Cade uses his donation as bribe to get Ivy in the sack. Ivy takes the bribe and they have great sex. Cade is starting to care for her but she has a secret and she must leave claiming she needs to go and collect more donations. But Cade accidently learns Ivy's secret and he is angry to the point that he cannot deal with it. But through the support of his friends he does go back to Ivy and they live happily ever after.I read this as an ebook travelling across Europe.
review 2: This one was good. I felt bad for Cade because of
... morehim losing his wife to cancer but he also made me angry at his acute ugliness towards anyone looking for charitable donations. Ivy was sweet but strong & took on Cade in a battle of wills. She had a secret & it could be devastating to Cade. I enjoyed this book it ran my emotions along the gauntlet & I couldn't put the book down. The only thing I wish is that we saw more of them. Will definitely recommend this series to my friends. less
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Of the 5 books in this series, this is my favorite. Cade is my favorite billionaire.
OMG I am moving to Chicago STAT!!!!! Why cant we have men like this in my town?
Keep these stories coming love this type of stories. I'm hooked
Short story, fast and enjoyable reading.
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