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Holy Rollers (2010)

by ReShonda Tate Billingsley(Favorite Author)
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1416578056 (ISBN13: 9781416578055)
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review 1: Holy Rollers was an amazing book. It always kept you at the edge of your seat wanting to read more and find out what happens next. The story begins with three friends talking about one of their friends Coco's abusive boyfriend. Bothe her friends Nita and Audra constantly tell her that she should leave him but Coco refused at first claiming she loved them. However when a couple of mouths passed and sonny her abusive boyfriend hit her again and this time it caused her to loose her baby that she was pregnant with for 2 months, she then decided to leave sonny for good. Next all three friends where tiling and realized that they have gotten to the point in their lives that it was necessary for settling down with a man. Audra really wanted to get a daddy for her sun and Nita want... moreed someone that would love her. Audra then came up with the idea to go to a church meeting to meet some new ministers so called "men of god". they thought there they could find good men but they come to realized all mean everywhere are just " nasty , lying , cheating dirty dogs". Things didn't work out for Nita and marshal the man of her dreams, because she cheated with him after getting sexually frustrated with him. Audra and Lewis didn't work out because she found out that he had a wife in Atlanta and he was only using her for sexual reasons. However there was one good thing that came out of this plane. Coco met the love of her life David and in the end they where happily married. The end.
review 2: Holy Rollers is a book about three friends looking for love in all the wrong places until they decided to go a Baptist Convention to find Mr. Right. The drama that accompanies these friends in their past comes blazing through the door of their future and they have some tough decisions to make. This book is a page-turner and you will throughly enjoy it! Which one will find love or will all three of them, you have to wait to find out! less
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This Book was Worth Reading and Funny at Alot of times!! I would recommend it.
Awesome book, a must read. Always trust and wait on GOD
good book read it at the end of 2011 good book
Wonderful. I truly enjoyed this book.
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