Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!!!

Have you ever wondered about that little engine that could? Did he become successful and conquer his fear? Or did he relapse and once again not have the courage to make it up the hill again. Relapse often happens when we least expect it. I am sure each one of you have. Relapse can be triggered by

  • Loss of job
  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce
  • Boyfriend/girlfriend break up
  • A bad review
  • Traumatic experience

There are plenty more one could add to this list of relapse triggers but their are so many healthy things once can do to a void pitfalls of relapse.

Many of us just made New Years resolutions and some have always quit because their “resolution” now sees impossible. Their faith in themselves needs a fill up. Believe me I get that I’ve been there done that and likely will again. But along the way I have learned some secrets that have made it easier to climb up that hill and not look back