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Rumor Central (2013)

by ReShonda Tate Billingsley(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 3
0758289510 (ISBN13: 9780758289513)
review 1: Maya Morgan and her high school friends appear on a show named Miami Divas. Everything is fine until Maya decides to go it alone. She is hired as the hostess of a new show. There is no longer a need for Sheridan and her other friends to appear on the show. The girls do not take this news happily. As a matter of fact, almost daily Maya has to walk down the school hallway and hear them holler names at her or just get in her face offering to beat her up. However, Maya is strong. She is determined to do this show for Tamera and do it well. Doing it well means digging up all the dirt that is happening in and about the Miami high school.There is always a chance for a lawsuit because the parents of these students are wealthy, and some are celebrities. It is no surprise when Maya ... morestarts her tell all show the students give her the silence treatment. Before the novel ends Maya will have tried to quit, but she can not get out of a two year contract. At this point stalkers and any other danger has become a part of her life.I really enjoyed the novel. I admired Maya for being such a strong young woman.Her dream is clear. She is determined to make it happen. Even the lost of her boyfriend, Bryce, does not stop her from moving forward on her show. When she is mugged by thugs, which I thought would turn into a rape scene, she still keeps walking forward. However, Maya becomes a bit too much. So involved with herself she misses the fact that this show is a serious one. After all, she is airing facts about the lives of people around her. She does not care whether she is hurting them or causing their life situations to worsen.The Glenda Matthews story is the one where Maya should have looked up and trotted the opposite way. However, like all busy, important people she misses the glowing red light and keeps going on with the story. She misses recognizing the identity of her true enemy. Maya does not have the intuition to know there are some rumor story headlines that are best left buried. Then, you might not hit a person's last nerve and find yourself looking into their crazed eyes. reshondatatebillingsley
review 2: I surprisingly enjoyed this more than I expected. I enjoyed the change from Maya being the popular diva to the outsider looking in. It was written very well and the ending was gooooood. I felt like everything was was very real and it showed how people can be easily manipulated into doing things they know is wrong. I enjoyed the gossip and rumours surrounding this book it was very funny at times and although you wanted to hate Maya, it was impossible. less
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I could see the screen me unraveling. Just a little boring though.
Slow start but you get sucked into about fourth chapter.
A very interesting book.I enjoyed reading it.
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