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Coming Out Straight: Understanding And Healing Homosexuality (2000)

by Richard A. Cohen(Favorite Author)
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1886939411 (ISBN13: 9781886939417)
OakHill Press
review 1: I didn't read the whole book, as it was more intended for those either in the homosexual lifestyle and desiring to get out of it, or for those directly affected to some degree either in a therapy role or in a support role. However, what I did read gave me a new compassion and appreciation for some of the dynamics that go into this struggle. It was written with an inside look and with a heart of compassion. A good read for anyone, really, whether you are in the lifestyle or just want to be more understanding of others.
review 2: Dude, fuck you. Seriously. People like you are the reason that teenagers are jumping off fucking bridges because they think there is something so extremely wrong with them that no one can fix. Do the world a favor, go get some real th
... moreerapy, stop writing, and learn to accept yourself. Being gay is NOT a problem, although I'm sure it can be a challenge. So get some self respect and stop preaching about shit you obviously know nothing about. less
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I hate stupid people and I hate it even more if they write books!
And this, ladies and gents, is why aliens don't talk to us.-_-
Are you serious man....there is nothing wrong with being gay.
What the fuck?! No!!!!
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