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97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know: Collective Wisdom From The Experts (2009)

by Richard Monson-Haefel(Favorite Author)
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059652269X (ISBN13: 9780596522698)
O'Reilly Media
review 1: First off, this "book" is getting some bad scores because of the format. Ignore that, and see it for what it is. It's a collection of thoughts and advice from experienced architects and industry leaders. Many points should be familiar to any skilled or experienced software architect. Many of these are "common sense" ideas, but as we quickly learn in the real world, common sense isn't. It is good to be reminded of these points mentioned in the collection, as many architects lose sight of them over the years. A great read, insightful thoughts, and something software architects should constantly be reminding themselves of.
review 2: I wouldn't call this a "book". It's more like a compilation of short tips on how to be a good software architect. While some of
... more the advice is genuinely good, the book's fragmentation makes it very boring to read. There is no connection between the 97 (!) parts, which made me put it down many, many times. In fact, it took me over an year to finish this 200 page book! The content is available online for free on O'Reilly's website, so just take a look there. Having this many "blog posts" compiled into a book format is not a good reason to buy it. less
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Nice book about facts that we software engineers deal everyday. Good to think about.
if you call yourself software architect, this book is full of real life advices
Great. Though only for those who have experience on enterprise level project.
gr8 recommend for every programmer...
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