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Le Sacre De Fer (2011)

by Richelle Mead(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 1
281120587X (ISBN13: 9782811205874)
Dark Swan
review 1: Hmm. Well, definitely not my favorite book in the series. My expectations were set very high for this book, and I was kind of let down. There were a lot of things that were VERY predictable (at least to me) and not enough surprises. The ending was decent, but nothing like the last book. I'm still looking forward to the next book, because I honestly adore this series. On a side not: I really, REALLY loath Kyio. A lot.
review 2: I found the first book in this series rather derivative, enjoyed the second rather more, but this one annoyed me because the supposed heroine is a selfish egotistical brat who pretends to care about her subjects, family, lovers, but basically does whatever she wants whenever her temper gets the better of her, then is all "oh poor me" when
... more things don't work out her way. She's got growing power but no responsibility, and she can't make up her mind which man she wants - basically whichever she wants to shag at any given moment, she finds an excuse to break up with the other, without even telling her current beau. She's supposed to be brave but she's emotionally gutless. She starts off with Dorian, in the middle of a war with Katrice of the Rowan lands, started because Dorian killed Katrice's son in revenge for him raping Eugenie in the last book. It's not that he doesn't deserve it, but she doesn't care about the consequences, and broke up with Kiyo because he didn't support her in it. So people are dying in battle, and she feels all guilty, but won't take the easy option of having Katrice assassinated, because that would be wrong, even though it's OK for her to kill whoever she feels like. More hypocrisy. Then she's persuaded to track down a legendary iron crown which will help her end the war, so goes off with Kiyo because no one else can survive the iron on the journey, no prizes for guessing what happens. Meanwhile there's a side story about a ghost wanting her help to find out who murdered her, but despite normally being all about helping people, she'll only do it to further her own ends. She's majorly peeved when her flatmate and assistant hook up, as if no one else is allowed to have a relationship, and not overly impressed when she finally clicks that Shaya & Rurik are together too - because again it's all about her. Then there's the big surprise at the end - completely predictable - and suddenly everyone's behaving uncharacteristically, and something of a cliffhanger ending. I probably will read the final one if I don't have to pay for it, but will be glad the series is over. less
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I know 4 stars are generous but I still love this world even if the main character is so unlikeable.
wish she would make more!!
Wow this is crazy good
Det slutet!!!
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