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The Highly Effective Detective Goes To The Dogs (2008)

by Rick Yancey(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 4
0312347537 (ISBN13: 9780312347536)
Minotaur Books
The Highly Effective Detective
review 1: This is the 2nd novel in the Teddy Ruzak series. Teddy is an overweight, hapless, decent guy who wants to be a PI. Unfortunately he can't pass the test. When he sees a murdered homeless man outside his office window and the police aren't terribly interested, Teddy decides that he must find the killer. This falls into the category of a cozy mystery more than a regular detective mystery so it's not for fans of hard-boiled detective fiction. But Teddy is a sweet man and sometimes funny without meaning to be.
review 2: There was a first book with Teddy Ruzak, but I didn't read that. This is in the category of fun reading...and yet, it sort of surprises me since he certainly ponders life and death and how come and such, and yet he is more along the lines of b
... moreumbling detective than kick butt. The dog is a bit of an undercurrent the last part of the book and adds a bit to the lighthearted character of this bookFrom the critically acclaimed author of The Highly Effective Detective comes this deliciously funny follow-up featuring the lovable but bumbling P.I. Teddy Ruzak.After the state shuts him down for practicing detection without a license, Teddy thinks his investigating days are over. Then he discovers the body of a man outside his office, a homeless man whom he had befriended just the day before.Teddy suspects foul play, but the police think he's barking up the wrong tree. Then his normal befuddlement is exponentially enhanced by two very unexpected--and potentially very dangerous--visitors from the pound.With his signature wit and gripping suspense, Richard Yancey has written yet another irresistible page-turner. It is sure to win him and Teddy Ruzak a whole new series of fans. less
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SO good. So funny. So easy to read.
Very stupid! Did not finish.
light and funny-enjoyed
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