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The Ranch Foreman (2013)

by Rob Colton(Favorite Author)
2.9 of 5 Votes: 4
1627980660 (ISBN13: 9781627980661)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: 3.5 stars. I was disappointed that Matty kept going after Baxter when Baxter was nothing but rude to him every time. Even if he knew Baxter was interested, he was still with the girl every Saturday night, and he was still using Matty for sex. I was happy when Matty grew a pair and started telling Baxter no, but then he gave in again so quickly and easily, and why did they never address the girl? I know Baxter explained, but when they had their serious conversation, and they were going to take things slowly, so why didn't Matty ask about Baxter if he was going ot continue his charade with the girl? I'd think that's something he'd want to know even if they were taking it slowly.
review 2: I have only recently started reading books by this author especially a
... more few of his free stories. I really enjoyed the first book in the Galactic Conspiracies. This story was very different it had a more serious and darker edge but it was still really good.When I first started reading this I thought it might turn out to be one of those run of the mill gay cowboy stories but it wasn't. Matt gets a job on a ranch along with his cousin and he finds himself attracted to the ranch foreman Baxter. Unfortunately Baxter is deeply closeted and although he is happy to have secret hook ups with Matt, this isn't what Matt really desires. Matt finds that he has to work through his attraction and his unwillingness to be a 'dirty secret'. He doesn't find this easy but he refuses to settle for less and he does this quite stoically because he is quite clear about what he wants.But there are other complications and heartaches which he goes through. Matt's beloved aunt passes away and he has to deal with loss. He finds the work on the ranch quite physically challenging and he doesn't really have any close friends on the ranch apart from his cousin because the other ranch hands know he is gay and so they keep their distance. He also has to deal with the unwanted attention and abuse from another ranch hand.It is quite a gritty story, not too angsty because the writing is quite gentle even through the traumatic parts, but the story is still clearly emotional. I could really feel for Matt in his lonliness, and his efforts to get along with everyone and the way in which he tries his best to fit in. I really liked experiencing how he tries to get used to his work and tackle even the most dirty tasks eventually taking solace in his work. Matt is also very determined and although it isn't his ideal he manages to cope with his attraction to someone who doesn't appear to be willing to have a meaningful and honest relationship with him, recognising that he actually deserves more and not spending too much time lamenting over this even though the attraction hurts him.Thankfully by the end of the story Matt achieves some kind of resolution to all these emotional experiences and also gains the love that he desires. I am really getting to like this author's writing and his style. This story was emotional without being too angsty. Another one that I enjoyed. less
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A bit under done. Things were happening that just seems ridiculous, especially between the couple.
Another book with an attitude of "oh I got raped" plot twist, unacceptable
3.5 stars
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