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Julian Comstock: A Story Of 22nd-Century America (2009)

by Robert Charles Wilson(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 3
0765319713 (ISBN13: 9780765319715)
Tor Books
review 1: This is a fascinating take on possible future history. It is told from the point of view of a relatively literate middle-class person (middle-class in this case meaning non-slave but not land-holding). The political situation and the religious situation show human nature at its best and worst. I don't think, personally, that we will ever lose most of the technology we now have, but I can see this scenario playing out if we did. I especially liked the ending; it is logical and not the typical happily ever after. It makes sense, given the premises of the setting and plot. The book is fun to read; there's a lot of humor and poking fun at the main character's naivete. There's a lot of ironic humor.
review 2: A Fine and Handsome bildungsromans, suitably equip
... moreped with Derring-do, Intrigues and a wholly plausible Vision of the Consequences of our present Perilous Journey to the terminal points of the Efflorescence of Petroleum. Heed well these Words of Wisdom, let them inform your Path along the present Road to Perdition, lest you leave to your Descendants & Heirs etc. the sorry existence which the estimable Mr. Robert Charles Wilson limns out in this Weighty Tome. Amen. less
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Parts of the story were interesting but too often the story lost and contradicted itself.
A strong, post-industrial dystopia with believable characters.
I didn't hate this book, I just hated reading it.
Didn't finish
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