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Hell (2009)

by Robert Olen Butler(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 5
0802119018 (ISBN13: 9780802119018)
Grove Press
review 1: think of an historical character...and they are in this novel, each stuck in a particular cycle of torment. Our hero has to choose between shooting Hitler or Stalin ( whom would you choose?). His girlfriend is Anne Boleyn who is pining for Henry VIII. Anne can give great head, with her actual head removed from her body! The limo driver is either Nixon or the handler of the mythical Pegasus. A bar scene includes Bogart,who implores a dame NOT to say that famous line, as he yearns for Bacall. George W Bush is slow on the uptake that he is actually in hell. Not to be read by the easily offended as Olin takes potshots as religion, politics, literary figures and history.
review 2: Reading this book was hell; the pages never ended, the storyline kept changing. I de
... morelighted at reading the various comedic tortures, such as opening a bookstore only to close it, but I felt that some of them were just cliche...or stupid...or boring. And what an absolute loser Virgil was! Instead of finishing this in one sitting, I had to put it down and read something more enjoyable, seeing as Hell was just...boring. And while it will sit in my library, I won't ever touch it, seeing as I will question myself, asking, "Why am I reading this novel? Why would I put myself through Hell?" less
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"You despise yourselves, and yet at the same time you are full of self-righteousness. "
This was a very interesting, funny and odd book. I must've read it in a few days time.
Word of advice: When you get to any paragraph written in italics, just skip it.
within 10 pages, this became one of the best books i have ever read.
I'm in the mood for funny and ridiculous. This book fit the bill.
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