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The Hot Country (2012)

by Robert Olen Butler(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 4
0802120466 (ISBN13: 9780802120465)
Mysterious Press
Christopher Marlowe Cobb Thriller
review 1: While Butler seems to be channeling both Graham Greene and John Le Carre at the outset, this story gradually becomes a real barn-burner. Absolutely devoured the last 100 pages. The combination of an extremely interesting period in American history (one I know little about, incidentally) with the construction of a truly interested and multi-layered protagonist proved to be irresistible. Looking forward to reading Christopher Marlowe Cobb adventure number 2, "The Star of Istanbul."
review 2: I don't often like books that win big prizes like the Pulitzer or writers who win the prizes. Too often, I find that prize winning writers don't know how to tell a good story, that they are too in love with their own voice to put the story and the character first. So it was w
... moreith some trepidation, despite being interested in the plot and setting of "The Hot Country," that I picked up Robert Olen Butler's book. My doubt was quickly dispelled. "The Hot Country" is a fast-paced historical thriller that introduces the character of Christopher Marlowe Cobb, a Chicago newspaperman. The setting is Mexico; the time 1914, when the fires of revolution lit the country. At his best, Butler writes like Cormac McCarthy, but without McCarthy's affection (we don't need no stinking punctuation). At times, Butler writes like a modern day Hemingway. Hells bells, that's high praise for any writer. So whether you are attracted to Butler's prize-winning credentials or repelled by them, read this book. It's worthy of an award. less
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Meh. Reminds me of Hemingway in setting, and even a little in the meandering slowness of plot.
Adventure story written by a Pulitzer winner -- quite a combination, but it works.
I thought this book was ridiculous and a waste of time.
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